It is hard to imagine everyday people who love anime, say like, Attack on Titan, would fork out thousands for a ring that themed after the said anime. But here it is anyways, the official Attack on Titan ring, crafted by anime franchise jeweler Shoya Taniguchi.

Yeah. The ring you see here, the official Attack on Titan ring, is real, alright and cost pretty penny too, commanding a cool 250,000 yen plus tax. That’s more than 2,300 USD. I wonder if it will ever appreciate in value given that Attack on Titan, while a cult favorite, is not necessary as big as other pop culture products to have come out of Japan.

Attack on Titan Ring by Shoya Taniguchi

Well, whether or not it will appreciate in value, we do not know, but the people of future will probably appreciate the intricacy that goes into this 925 sterling silver, hand-weathered masterpiece.

If you are not familiar. The ring is based on the image of Colossal Titan, one of the Nine Titans, that towers at mind-boggling 60 meters tall (197 feet) and specifically, that of inheritor Bertholdt Hoover. If you are fan, you can probably tell its Bert right there.

Attack on Titan Ring by Shoya Taniguchi

Attack on Titan Ring is the fourth installment of Shoya Taniguchi’s Super Giant Ring series and it has a limited run of just 20 pieces. It will take a true fan to appreciate the details like the incredibly realistic texture. You know, the facial muscle and all.

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The details are not just skin deep, so to speak. They are inside the ring too. Man, this is just too cool. The only thing this ring does possessed are colors and steam. It will be cool if does emit steam. Just saying…

The Official Attack on Titan Ring by Shoya Taniguchi was released on October 10, 2019 and it will available to anyone with the money drop until April 01, 2020. While stocks last, of course.

Images: Shoya Taniguchi.

Source: Hypebeast.

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