we have read about smart auto feeder for pets, so they are really nothing groundbreaking, but if the Bistro Smart Cat Feeder lives up to its promised, then it will be the most high-tech pet care system to date. not only does it feeds your feline friends food and water, it also rigged to track their appetite and weight change at the same time, so you will be in the know of your kitties wellbeing. it even has an innovative cat facial recognition technology built into it, so that the device can track more than one cats. as it feeds, it monitors how much which cat eats or drinks, and while the cat is savoring its meal, a scale in front of the feeder conveniently captures its weight. and like most smart devices these days, collated data are send to your smartphone where you a companion app lets you in on all the detail so you will be on top of things.

Bistro Smart Cat Feeder

with the app, you can check on your cat’s diet history and health report, as well as be notified of any abnormal intake when detected. of course, a requisite camera is in place, necessary for the facial recognition job and also enables you to check out your cat feasting away even when you are away, if so desire. Bristol also packs a complete food database and with the aid of the weight data captured, it will dispense the recommended amount of food each cat needs. concept-wise, there is little doubt that the the Bistro Smart Cat Feeder is the most advanced and complete solution for your cat(s), and the real kicker is, owning one won’t break your bank either. well at least, not if you pre-order them during its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, which, btw, has well surpassed its set funding goal. speaking of which, it cost just $159 for one sans the facial recognition for single cat owner, or $179 for one with the high-tech cat facial recognition system, if you have abundance of felines roaming in your pad. keep going for a product video to learn more.

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Bistro Smart Cat Feeder

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