what was the most endearing thing or things coming from Back To The Future trilogy? lets see… self-drying jacket, auto-lace, Hoverboard, Calvin Klein, 60s prom, manure (and more manure), flying cars and of course, time traveling. with the exception of prom, manure and possibly Calvin Klein, none of those are anywhere near reality yet and 2015 is like, just months away. wait… you mean Flux Capacitor, the thing that enables time traveling when the DeLorean hits 88 mph, is a reality? well, sort of. yes and no. yes because this is indeed a Flux Capacitor and no because it is a miniature version that lacks the necessary guts and control console for you to specify when you want to go. so no. it does nothing that will break time space continuum. instead, it offers two USB ports, pumping out 2.1A each, to charge your non-sci-fi USB powered gadgets.

Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger

it is designed to draw juice from your car’s electrical system and hence, using it is merely requires you to plug it into your automobile’s 12V cigarette lighter socket aka power port. adding to the realism is the famous light show, which is promptly activated when you charge your devices. you can turn off the lighting effect if you so desire, but why would you? it is a Flux Capacitor after all, is it not? additionally, it can be pivot up and down, so you can position it to suit your vehicle’s power port. damn. i was wishing for the same functionality (as in charging our real-world devices), but more of a 1:1 version so that i can mount it in between the two seats. then again, that wouldn’t cost $24.99 like this one does, would it?

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Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger

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