Forget about staring at your phone or TV when doing cardio on an exercise bike. The Playpulse ONE designed by Hong Kong-based Italian design studio Ponti Design Studio for Norwegian startup Playpulse takes entertainment while exercising to the next level. How? The Playpulse ONE is also a gaming computer.

Playpulse ONE Gaming Bike by Ponti Design Studio

Don’t be confused with bike controller for VR, though. The Playpulse One here is a full-fledged fitness bike with a 24-inch multi-touch display and an integrated gaming computer with custom graphics “for fully immersive gaming experience” and game controller built into the handlebar.

It even has wireless connectivity, allowing for multiplayer modes and of course, access to streaming services for your visual and audio needs – in case gaming isn’t your cuppa (like, what are the odds, right?).

Playpulse ONE Gaming Bike by Ponti Design Studio

In addition, this unique fitness equipment/gaming rig offers custom games that provide both high and low-intensity workouts which Playpulse said will “benefit the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, improve metabolism,” and ermm, lift mood?

A winner of Red Dot Award, Product Design 2021, the Playpulse ONE further features pedals with movement sensors and very importantly for space-starved modern homes, an unusually trim size. Even better is, it does quite look like an exercise bike.

Playpulse ONE Gaming Bike by Ponti Design Studio
Andrea Ponti

Finally, both the seat and monitor posts can be adjusted to suit most users, from kids to adults.

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If are willing to take the plunge, Playpulse is taking pre-orders for the Playpulse ONE Gaming Bike on their website at a discounted price of US$1,399 (U.P. US$1,999). At the time of this post, Batch No. 3 pre-orders will see delivery in December.

Playpulse ONE Gaming Bike by Ponti Design Studio
Playpulse ONE Gaming Bike by Ponti Design Studio

All images courtesy of Ponti Design Studio/Playpulse.

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