Will You Shell Out $20,000 For A Hermès Yoga Bag And Mat?

What do you get for a yogi who has it all? Well, if you ask me, my guess would be the Hermès Yoga Bag And Mat that cost a cool 26,800 Canadian dollars. Yes. You read that right. That’s just under US$20,000 for a seemingly mundane yoga mat that’s basically sweat soaker. You better believe […]

Hydrow Rower Lets You Row On River… Right At Your Home

Rowing is an exercise that is said to engage 86 percent of your muscles and it burns a lot calories, like seriously lots. Thus, it is suffice say it is an efficient exercise, but not everyone can afford to hit the river or lake every evening to get their daily dose of rowing exercise. That’s […]

Officiser Is A Fidget Gadget For Legs, Lets You Move Your Legs While Seated

It sucks to be stuck to the desk all day, especially if you are those who literally can’t stop moving. I mean, lets get real. Moving your hands and fingers won’t be enough to satisfy your need to actually get up and move. But thankfully, that was before Officiser FR by CTL came into existence. […]

ICAROS Is A Simulator That Combines Fitness With Gaming Via Virtual Reality

Until Wii came along, the idea of video gaming is akin to gluttony. Except in gaming, you don’t devour food, well, maybe not as much. Certainly, you won’t be jamming your guts with food beyond its capacity. In other words, you get no exercise, except for your fingers and that obviously, is very unhealthy and […]

The Force Will Not Make You Fit, But These Star Wars Fitness Equipment Will

This is it. Onnit Labs has done it again. It has once again pull a movie tie-in for its fitness equipment and this time round, you will be getting some pretty sleek Star Wars-themed fitness hardware. Now, geeks are lesser known for their inclination to exercise, but with these awesome fitness equipment, even even the […]

Water Treadmill Reduces Jogging Impact, Can Use For Injury Therapy Too

A person who has knee or any lower limb joint issues should avoid activities like running where impacts that would reverberate to those area of concern. That means jogging for the purpose of keeping fit is out of question, but not if Aqua Treadmill by Osaka City based Water Walker & Spa can help. By […]

MÜV Chair Keeps You Moving So You Won’t Be Killed By Sitting All Day Long

Sitting is awesome, but as it turns out, sitting kills more people than we care know. Sounds like a scary prospect, especially for a person like me who stay seated for hours on end. I guess sitting is an example of too much of a good thing. That said, if you jobs require to sit […]

FitWood of Scandinavian Makes Fitness Equipment Hides In Plain Sight

Scandinavia design is hardly known for fitness equipment, but that’s not stopping Finnish company, FitWood of Scandinavia from turning out familiar fitness equipment made from wood. The result is, like our post title said, literally hiding fitness equipment in plain sight. If you are like some of us here who lament about how fitness equipment […]

Gorilla Bow: Ancient Bow Reimagined into A Versatile, Mobile Gym Equipment

I confess. I am not so much of an archer and so when I first picked up a bow and arrow, I realized that you do need some pretty serious core upper body strength to work this range weapon. It was nothing like Hollywood movies where the protagonist just picked one up and becomes a […]

Man Bag Fitness Sandbag Kind of Make Gym Equipment A Non-necessity

We do not dismiss the benefits of hitting the gym. Each piece of gym equipment is designed with specific muscle group in mind, but lets face it: not everyone has the time to go into specifics, much less hitting up the gym. So, why not save yourself the hassle of the commute (to the gym) […]