At the recent CES, Huami did not hold back on what it has to offer. In addition two the two smartwatches, the NYSE-listed Chinese company also revealed two new treadmills, a pair of heart monitoring TWS earphones, and a sleep-comfort and health monitoring earbuds. Here’s a rundown of the products:

Amazfit HomeStudio

Amazfit HomeStudio is a new category of treadmill developed in partnership with STUDIO. HomeStudio comes standard with a 43-inch HD display called Smart Gym Hub and surround sound JBL speakers.

Yes, it is a treadmill. The HD display is basically a giant-ass smartphone with camera. It has AI-powered computer vision that will detect and help correct form. It is not quite a TV for watching TV shows, but more for viewing video workout classes. In other words, it can be use with or without the treadmill.

Amazfit AirRun

Amazfit AirRun

Amazfit AirRun is, well, a regular treadmill It doesn’t have a huge-ass display like the HomeStudio, but it does have JBL speakers, a variety of running programs, along with heart-rate monitoring and for the space-starved homes, it can be folded away in seconds to make space for other activities when not in use.

Amazfit PowerBuds

Clearly, designed with active lifestyle in mind, the Amazfit PowerBuds comes with removable magnetic ear hooks for an even more secure fit and IP55 rated providing with some level of dust and water resistance.

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Interestingly, it is not your usual TWS. It has built-in heart monitoring with real-time status updates piped straight to your ear. Advanced composite diaphragm promised to deliver high-quality sound while Thru Mode lets in ambient sounds for better situational awareness.

Connectivity is achieved through Bluetooth 5.0/BLE. The earbuds’ 55 mAh battery is good for up to 8 hours of use with the charging case further providing 24 hours of use. There appears to have no wireless charging though.

Amazfit ZenBuds

Bose may have ditched their noise-masking sleepbuds, but Huami has not. The Amazfit ZenBuds is designed to help you sleep better and ermm, smarter? Strange that, that is a thing.

In addition to blocking out noise through snug fit, Smart Interference further helps to mask noises from the environment. Masking is achieved through sleep-inducing sounds which will automatically turn off once you enter la la land.

And oh, it can also does these:

“…real-time monitoring gathers data on your heart rate, body position and movement, then compiles it into a report that better helps you understand and improve your sleep quality.”

Plus, it is also an alarm too, waking up with an in-ear alarm in the morning. Now, that’s novel. I can’t say that I have seen such device before this. However, I will be sold if it has a built-in dreamcatcher.

Prices and availability for the products are not known at this point.

Images: Huami.

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