Western Digital My Passport Edge

Western Digital My Passport Edge
Western Digital My Passport Edge | from US$99.99 | www.wdc.com

we observed two things about today’s laptops: one, storage is never enough, and two, regardless whether Mac or PC, most of them look pretty damn nice. with that two observations in mind, an external storage is inevitable and also, it has to be as sleek as the laptop that we1 are using, if not better. coincidentally, those are two things that the Western Digital My Passport Edge can achieved with ease. available for both Mac and PC, each drive is packed with 500GB of storage, equipped the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 that offers up to 5Gb/s of data transfer rate, and comes with password protection with hard encryption, covering the IT security aspect of things. the PC model features an additional automatic backup software that offers continuous backing up in the background, while the Mac model is compatible with Apple’s Time Machine out-of-the-box. both the Western Digital My Passport Edge and My Passport Edge for Mac are available now for $99.99 and $109.99, respectively. hit the jump for some larger images.

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