Envelope Chest by Field Day

Envelope Chest by Field Day
Envelope Chest by Field Day | US$1,400.00 | field-day.net

normally, a person who has the eye for details would not settle for anything less even when it comes to simple products such as a storage chest (or trunk, if you prefer). if you belong into the aforementioned category, then the Envelope Chest from Field Day could just be the object of desire for you. no wait, actually you need more than just having great tastes for seemingly mundane stuff – you will need to have fairly deep pockets and an unwavering willingness to part with $1,400 of your hard-earned money. yes. that is how much this envelope lookalike storage chest (if you view it from the front) costs. a rather minimalist chest, this wooden chest features a solid maple bottom for strength and durability, soft close hinges, custom leather rounds and cord for securing the lid from, presumably kids (grown up will have no problem in un-securing it anyways), and a beautiful satin lacquer wraps up the aesthetic part of the package. check out a few more look after the break.

Field Day via Gizmodo

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