Our belly is a visual indicator of health. A bulging one, other than being pregnant, could be sign of potential health issues like diabetes and heart disease. That said, you probably don’t need a gadget to tell you that you need to get your fat ass up and exercise, regularly. However, if you do need a report of sort on how much visceral fat you may be carrying, there is a device that will do just that.

Bello Digital Belly Fat Scanner Indiegogo

From Korean company Olive Healthcare is a palm-size gadget called Bello. Bello only measures one thing and that’s belly fat. Using a proprietary near-infrared technology called DMW-NIRS (Discrete Multi-Wavelenths Near-Infrared Spectroscopy), Bello is able to measure how much subcutaneous and visceral fat a person has in a matter of seconds (or three, to be precise).

You know what is going to happen next. It works with the companion app to show the sad truth (the Bello Score) about your belly (in relation to other physical data you entered in your profile) and generates a personalized exercise regime and customized diet, so you can turn data that’s in the red into green.

Bello Digital Belly Fat Scanner Indiegogo

As always, I reserve my rights to be skeptical with such devices. Don’t get me wrong. I have no doubt it can pick up some kind of data, but the question is: just how accurate is the sensor’s ability to measure fat, water, and oxygenated and de-oxygenated hemoglobin, which it claims to do?

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Bello Digital Belly Fat Scanner is now on Indiegogo where limited units are available for pre-order at $189. It is funded (not surprisingly) and so, if you pre-ordered it, you can expect to start measuring belly fat sometime in June 2020.

Images: Olive Healthcare.

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