Forget about individual fitness equipment like exercise bike, rowing machine and treadmill because, there is a new fitness gear in town that not only does it all, but does all simultaneously.

CLMBR Cardio & Strength Machine

Meet CLMBR, a cardio and strength machine that promised efficient, full-body, low impact workout that is said to burn up to 60% more calories than the aforementioned exercise combined.

CLMBR is literally a climbing mill. According to CLMBR, it engages over 86% of the body’s muscles and does so while “supporting the natural athletic posture of the body.” And because it is a climber, it takes up a smaller footprint – or just 3-foot square, than most fitness equipment.

CLMBR Cardio & Strength Machine

However, it does need at least a 8 feet ceiling. Well, that sounds like a cramped urban environment doesn’t it? Like, you know, skyscrapers to solve the lack of real estate. Just an observation…

Key features include adjustable resistance, lightweight and strong aluminum construction, Kevlar reinforced belts and high-grade ball bearings for quiet operation, adjustable handles (fit 5-7-ft person), premium caster wheels for ease of moving around and storage, integrated sweat proof HD touchscreen monitor, and dynamic built-in, sweat resistant audio system.

If you are sold by the idea, you may want to consider pre-ordering CLMBR Cardio & Strength Machine via Indiegogo. For a limited time, you will be able to secure a unit for US$1,999 with delivery planned for June 2021. There is a catch though; it only ships within the U.S.

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Images: CLMBR.

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