Now that we think of the Katalis EV.500 does have some Honda Motocompo vibe in it, except that it isn’t foldable. Speaking of Katalis, here’s a new one from them, but this time, it is a collaborative bike with Indonesia brand, Machine 56, a streetwear label.

Katalis x 56 EV-1K Electric Bike

The Katalis x 56 EV-1K, as it is called, may look like a cosmetic makeover of the EV.500, but it is not quite. Under the hood, it is a performance electric bike, armed with a 1,000W, paired to 48V lithium battery, that enables a top speed of 80 km/h (50 mph) and a range of 70 km (43 miles).

It is made of mostly aerospace-grade aluminum – from the bodywork to the frame to the swing arm, and befittingly so because, the Katalis x 56 EV-1K Electric Bike drew its inspiration from retro military aircraft design.

Katalis x 56 EV-1K Electric Bike

While we do not see the connection, we are very impressed how the form adopted from EV.500 look so damn cool in matte black with bright orange accents. The presence of kanji writing, including the Machine 56 branding, along with the various graphics, made this bike with anime-like.

If you appreciate all-thing cool, I am sure this electric motorcycle will be impressed too. And if you are, there’s good news.

Katalis x 56 EV-1K Electric Bike

The Katalis x 56 EV-1K is actually for sale. Machine 56 is currently taking pre-order for it over at But be warned, it is pricey. It has a starting price of US$6,500 and that’s not including shipping and whatever tax(es) your country of resident may levy.

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Images: Machine 56.

Source: Yanko Design.

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