This Futuristic Kitchen Gadget Will Chill Your Can Or Bottle Drink In A Matter Of Minutes

We’ve all been there. You want to pop a bottle of champagne for some occasion, just to find out it isn’t chilled. At this point, there’s really nothing you can do. It would take hours, sometimes up to 24 hours, for a bottle to chill. But that won’t be the case if you have the […]

Finally, There’s A Smartwatch That Could Potentially Save Your Life

Smartwatch is mostly a frivolous gadget that is all but a life’s extra, but not in the case of CORX Biometric Smartwatch. This smartwatch is different. The watch designed by Hong Kong-based Italian Ponti Design Studio, headed by Andrea Ponti, for SaluderMD, a digital health services company that connects patient with doctors. Aside from its […]

These Furniture Are Arts Inspired By Hong Kong’s Dense Urban Landscape

Hong Kong-based Italian designer Andrea Ponti is best known for beautiful, practical designs ranging from air purifier to smartwatch to suitcases, but little known to us consumers is, he is very much a man of art and thus he does what he does. And that, my friends, bring us to an exciting news. Andrea’s studio, […]

Mist Is A Handsome Air Purifier That Also Sanitizes Surfaces With Vapor

Like most people, we have seen our fair share of air purifiers and they are, well, just air purifiers. As far as design is concerned, they hardly wow. So far, the only one that impresses us is Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2, but now, there’s another that managed had us at hello. Meet Mist, an […]

Meet Powerwatch, The Smartwatch That Never Needs To Be Charged

If you have been putting back the idea of acquiring a smartwatch because there’s one-too-many thing to charge in your life, well, then startup Matrix Industries have news for you: you don’t have to because, the company’s first smartphone is powered by you. Dubbed Powerwatch, this multipurpose smartwatch’s built-in battery needs no recharging; all it […]

Ponti Studio’s Kitchen Utensils For Ommo Are Both Fun And Functional

If you appreciate good kitchenware, you will appreciate what Hong Kong-based Italian designer Andrea Ponti has came up with. In a project for Ommo, a design-oriented brand, Ponti Studio introduces three lovely guys: Diga, Koma and Torus. Using curve lines and colors, the trio is as fun as it is functional. There’s no form follow […]

Supercar, Superbike, Superyacht And Now, There’s Super Suitcase Too

You heard of supercar, superbike, superyacht and now, meet the world’s first super suitcase, Floatti. Designed by Hong Kong-based Italian designer Andrea Ponti, Floatti aims to provide you with stress-free traveling experience by combining technology, intuitive features and elegant styling into a suitcase. Admittedly, Floatti is not the first to do so, but it is […]

Dune Flatware Set: Silverware Turns Artistic And Personal

To many, fork and spoon are just fork and spoon, but to Hong Kong-based, Italian designer Andrea Ponti, it is something more ‘personal’. They are not merely ‘tools’ for introducing food into your mouth; they are ‘tools’ to your culinary experience and this ideology is boldly expressed in Andrea’s latest creation, dubbed Dune Flatware Set, […]

Like a Good Tailor, This Device Will Tailor the Audio from Any Sources to Suit Your Hearing Sensitivity

It is said that kids can hear audio frequency adults can’t and as it turns out, grown up also deciphers audio frequency differently, just like eyes can do with colors which resulted a debate that went viral. That said, audio pushed out by regular headphones, regardless of make and model, is not one-size-fits-all, so to […]

Casetify Metaluxe iPhone Case Has Interchangeable Back Plate and Aluminum Alloy ‘Camera Corner’

Some smartphone users are happy with a case throughout the entire life of the smartphone, while some sees the need for a constant change. Well, if you belong to the latter and insist on sophistication, then we think Casetify’s new Metaluxe iPhone case might be right up your alley. It is a piece of classy […]