Smartwatch is mostly a frivolous gadget that is all but a life’s extra, but not in the case of CORX Biometric Smartwatch. This smartwatch is different. The watch designed by Hong Kong-based Italian Ponti Design Studio, headed by Andrea Ponti, for SaluderMD, a digital health services company that connects patient with doctors. Aside from its obvious good looks, the watch is, as the product name implies, a biometric smartwatch and that’s not just a fancy name conjured by the marketing team. It has features that make smartwatch NOT a frivolous object.

CORX Biometric Smartwatch

This wrist-worn gadget provides real-time health data in addition other wellness benefits. The data is directly link to a telemedicine platform, which will allow its users to access support in health, wellness and disease management. It provides practicing physicians with information they require for accurate diagnosis and treatment. It is capable of measuring the wearer’s blood oxygen level (SPO2), record the heart’s electrical activity (and detecting anomalies in heat beats), and monitors both heart and respiratory rate.

CORX Biometric Smartwatch

Through a dedicated app, users can connect to the telemedicine platform that provides remote home care to elderly patients, monitor post-op situations, provide home physical therapy, pregnancy support and even prescriptions fulfillment. The device is presented in a scratch-resistant 43 mm stainless steel case in matte charcoal finish, and sports a full color HD touch display surrounded by a chrome steel frame and textured silicone strap. The device also features a panic button, as well as step counter, along with regular Digital watch functions.

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CORX Biometric Smartwatch is set to debut in the U.S. in early 2019. As for the price, it is not known at this point. Skip ahead for a few more product looks.

CORX Biometric Smartwatch

CORX Biometric Smartwatch

CORX Biometric Smartwatch

All photographs by Chow Wing Sing, courtesy of Ponti Design Studio.

Submitted via TIP US Page.

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