The action figure you see here is probably what would happen if AllSpark come into contact with a toilet… in Japan. I know it is unlikely that AllSpark will give life to a toilet that is void of any electronics, but if it was possible, this could be it: a robot that can change its form from a Samurai Warrior to a toilet, and vice versa. Now, that is obviously a hilarious take of transforming toy robots, but seriously, any robot with a sound mind will not want to disguise itself as a poop receiver. Even Solid Snake won’t even go there, really, but here it is anyways.

ToyWolf W-01 Dirty Man Action Figure

A product of toy maker ToyWolf, W-01 Dirty Man Action Figure can transform between a robotic Samurai Warrior, armed with a pair of Katana, and a toilet that appears to come complete with proper floor tile under it, along with a roll of toilet paper, a plunger, and wait for it… a pile of (cartoon) poop. Interestingly, the latter is sized to go under the Samurai Warrior in squatting position (i.e. pooping pose) while maintaining a perfect fit inside the bowl when in its toilet guise. Absolutely hilarious. Even more interestingly is, as a toilet, it happens to be the perfect-size throne for some action figures too – if superheroes ever poop, that is.

ToyWolf W-01 Dirty Man Action Figure

The figure isn’t big; it comes it at a modest 4.75 inches tall and cost around 70-ish dollars when it becomes available in December. We do not have a specific website to acquire this intriguing action figure, but our source pointed out that various online stores are taking in pre-orders now. You can also find it on eBay too. But be warned, the pricing on eBay can vary quite a lot and it is usually happens to be on the high side. More looks after the break.

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ToyWolf W-01 Dirty Man Action Figure

ToyWolf W-01 Dirty Man Action Figure

ToyWolf W-01 Dirty Man Action Figure

Images: ToyWolf via Toy People News.

Source: Technabob.

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