Mojo Vision CEO Wears Prototype Smart Contact Lens

Mojo Vision, the maker of the smart contact lens with smart glasses functionality, has made huge progress in recent months. Not only the company has revealed its advanced prototype but the CEO, Drew Perkins, wears it for real. That’s right. Folks, science fiction has gotten real! This absolutely bonkers, in a good way, of course.

Digital Monster Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Commemorative Wearable LCD Toy

Keeping a virtual pet monster has surely come a long way since Digital Monster aka Digimon was introduced in 1997. For those who don’t know, Digital Monster was like Tamagotchi but more macho. Well, kind of. It was less adorable because you gotta prep your beast for battles with others’ pet monsters. And fighting ain’t …

Someone Is In The Process Of Turning A Casio F-91W Digital Watch Into A Smartwatch

At this point, the Casio smartwatch is not new. The company officially join the smartwatch game last year with its first Wear OS-powered device. Though that was hardly the first. The watchmaker first ventured into the smart timepiece territory in 2016. But clearly, there are folks like me who love to see a “restomod” version.