We’ve all been there. You want to pop a bottle of champagne for some occasion, just to find out it isn’t chilled. At this point, there’s really nothing you can do. It would take hours, sometimes up to 24 hours, for a bottle to chill. But that won’t be the case if you have the JUNO Rapid Beverage Chiller.

JUNO Rapid Beverage Chiller Designed by Ponti

Developed by Matrix Industries (the company behind the body heat-powered smartwatch) and designed by Ponti Design Studio, JUNO uses a thermoelectric technology to cool any can or bottle liquid from room temperature to optimal consumption temperature in a matter of minutes.

We love the idea. Obviously, I was in that no chill position (the drink, not me) one too many times. Even more reason to love JUNO is, the design. It is a high-tech kitchen gadget with the contempo-futuristic look to match.

JUNO Rapid Beverage Chiller Designed by Ponti

The pentagonal shape lends it the contemporary flair while the clear distinction between the three elements: the cooling chamber, the front light and rear volume, offers the futuristic touches.

A trio of buttons provides access to the operation while the light strip goes beyond aesthetic to lend a visual cue of the cooling process. On the inside, a silicone membrane serves to hold the bottle or can in place.

JUNO Rapid Beverage Chiller Designed by Ponti

Leveraging on Peltier effect, JUNO can readily cool a 330 ml can from room temperature to chill-enough-to-drink temperature in just 2 minutes and it can do the same for a 750 ml bottle in just 5. And it does so all without the use of hazardous chemicals or environmentally harmful refrigerants.

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Matrix Industries JUNO rapid beverage chiller will work with both can and bottle beverage, of sizes up to 90 mm (3.5 inches) in diameter.

JUNO Rapid Beverage Chiller Designed by Ponti

All images courtesy of Ponti Design Studio.

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