This one is dedicated to all cyclists, enthusiasts and competitive alike. Milan-founded, Indianapolis-based bicycle accessories maker Silca has launched two bar taps for bicycles. The new Nastro Bar Tapes offer both the cushiest handlebar wrap and the slimmest grip money can buy.

Designed with drop bar riders in mind, the Nastro Cuscino bar boasts 3.5 mm thickness of Silca’s 3-layer construction to provide the most cushioning available.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Nastro Aero which, as its namesake suggests, is all about aerodynamic. At just a millimeter thin, it offers the best possible grip in a crazy-thin package that retains the wind-tunnel tested aerodynamics of track, triathlon and time trial bikes.

Whichever you choose, expect to find Nastro tech packed in it. If you are interested in the technicality, you can find the low downs of the Nastro tech HERE.

Silca also took the opportunity to introduce a new Silca’s Bar Tape Crash Replacement Policy in which all new Silca bar tape purchases are now backed by a crash replacement policy, offering discounted replacement tape in the event of a crash. You can find details on this the crash replacement policy HERE.

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As for Nastro Cuscino and the Nastro Aero bar tapes, they can be acquired from Silca website for $50 and $15, respectively.

All images courtesy of Silca.

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