It is no secret that our phone, while super useful, is detrimental to our sleep. But keep the phone disconnected from the bedroom where we sleep is easier said than done. Worst, we relied on this sleep-disrupting (but good damn useful device) to wake us up too.

The Loftie Alarm Clock

One man, Matt Hassett, decided enough is enough and came up with Loftie, a super cool alarm clock, that lets you keep your phone away from your sleep chamber. Well, I guess it does take a tech to intervene another tech, and Loftie is that tech, doesn’t it?

First of all, it is gloriously sleek. Secondly, Loftie is NOT your regular alarm clock. Instead of shocking you out of your bed with annoying blast, it does so with a two-phase alarm. The first is to pre wake you up, so to speak and the second to actually rouse you from your slumber land.

The Loftie Alarm Clock

But it is not just a smart alarm. It is also a device that helps you to get into la la land with user-selectable soothing music. Additional, Loftie also touts guide meditations, sound baths, breastwork exercises, and it is also a handy nightstand light too.

Basically, Loftie is here to eliminate smartphone from your sleep and from the pitch, it does sound like it will do the job perfectly. While I am clearly sold by the idea, I am kind of apprehensive when it comes to dropping three figures for an alarm clock (even though it is more than just an alarm clock).

The Loftie Alarm Clock

However, if you are cool in spending US$165 for one, you may acquire it from If you need further marketing pitch to convince you, there’s a video after the break that may of an assistant.

Images: Loftie.

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