This is it. The KFC video game console we wrote about in June has been officially unveiled. And yes, apparently, it is real. In fact, it is not just a video game console. It is, well, a KFC oven too. Believe it (which, if I can be really, really honest, I find it hard to believe).

Called KFConsole, the hardware is created with Cooler Master and boasts an Intel NUC 9 compute element in a custom Cooler Master NC100 chassis – in the shape of a classic KFC bucket, of course, and a built-in chicken chamber. The latter, if you haven’t already noticed, is the world’s first.

The chicken chamber leverages on natural heat and airflow system to keep KFC chicken crispy and hot, so chomping down cold, soggy chicken is a thing of the past. All hail to technological innovation!

KFConsole Video Game Console by Cooler Master

All the marveling and possibly, giggles, we have to admit that the real innovation here is how the game console struck a balance between keeping the chicken warm and maintaining a cool gaming system. Is that even possible?

In any case, the actual specifications haven’t been announced. However, we do know that, in addition to the Intel NUC 9, it will have top-end processor, ASUS hot-swappable mini-GPU, and a pair of 1 TB SSDs from Seagate to enable it to run games at 4K, 240 fps with up to 240 Hz output and with ray tracing capability.

KFConsole Video Game Console by Cooler Master

And oh, did I mention, KFConsole is VR-ready as well? Yep. It totally is.

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After over 200 words, I remain skeptical. Is KFConsole real? Or is it an intricate marketing campaign? I mean, having a website does not mean it is real, right? I will leave it to you to decide the authenticity.

But really, I would personally want it to be real even if I never intend to buy it. Because, perhaps, this is what 2020 needs.

KFConsole Video Game Console by Cooler Master

Images: Twitter (@kfcgaming).

Source: techradar.

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