KFC Rolls Out “Best Chicken Sandwich Ever” At All KFC Restaurants In The U.S.

This is not a déjà vu. The KFC Chicken Sandwich introduced in Orlando last Spring is now back. This time, it is available in select markets starting January 7 and it will be available seven days a week in all 4,000 KFC restaurants in the U.S. by the end of February.

KFC And Pizza Hut Pilots Self-driving Meal-On-Wheels In Shanghai, China

While some parts of the world are trialing self-driving transportation, machinery, and self-driving grocery vehicles, Pizza Hut and KFC in Shanghai, China, are piloting a fleet of self-driving cars to serve up fast food to hungry folks roaming the streets.

Behold! KFC Video Game Console Is Real! And It Is, Ermmm, An Oven Too?

This is it. The KFC video game console we wrote about in June has been officially unveiled. And yes, apparently, it is real. In fact, it is not just a video game console. It is, well, a KFC oven too. Believe it (which, if I can be really, really honest, I find it hard to […]

KFC Partnered With Beyond Meat For Plant-based Fried “Chicken,” Sold Out In A Jiffy

Well, that was quick. On August 26 (Monday), Beyond Meat announced a partnership with KFC to introduced plant-based fried ‘chicken’ known as Beyond Fried Chicken. You heard that right. Vegan KFC was here. It was here and it was gone in a jiffy. Beyond Fried Chicken debuted as a limited, exclusive, one restaurant test on […]

Mind Blown: An Australian Recreated KFC Bucket Meal As A Cake Set

We are seriously contemplating if we should add a new tag “astonishing” or “awesome stuff” because, we have seen some pretty mind-blowing stuff that people have created that deserves those tags. One such example is this: a KFC Bucket Meal, well, except that this ain’t no ordinary KFC Bucket Meal. The entire set, right down […]

KFC New ‘Colonel’, Fried Chicken-Flavored Ice Cream And Boss Cape

In’s today weirdest and possibly funnest news, KFC has declared that the world’s famous fried chicken chain will be serving up, wait for this… KFC fried chicken-flavored Ice Cream. No kidding. Or may it is? Because, the news was picked up by our source on April 1st and you know what that means… Anywho, according […]

Bizarre KFC Inventions, Including Hot Tub, Are Being Crowdfunded

KFC, the world’s famous fried chicken whipped by 11 secret herbs and spices via a patented pressure frying process, strikes again with some really bizarre and wacky inventions. The thing is, KFC is no stranger to wacky merchandises and the KFC 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog, Colonel Sanders Floatie, KFC Scented Candle – just to […]

KFC Hires Robocop To Protect KFC Secret Recipe

Everyone knows that KFC’s “11 herbs and spices” is a closely guarded secret that no one knows and obviously, the Louisville headquartered fast food chain would like it to remain so. But just how far Kentucky Fried Chicken would go to protect its trade secret? Well, apparently, it is hella of serious enough for it […]