Do you know KFC Gaming is a thing? And yes, it is THE Kentucky Fried Chicken. It even has a dedicated Twitter account and YouTube channel too. It looks like the fried chicken giant is absolutely into gaming.

In fact, it is not only into gaming, it has teased its very own KFC Console, cleverly called KFConsole, on Twitter. But it is probably not the kind of console we are thinking. Maybe? I think?

KFC Teases KFC Video Game Console

In the less than a minute video, KFC show us a matte black device that resembles the size of a KFC bucket chicken, complete with what appears to be a disc slot with ejection button, power button, and declared it is a “brand new gaming console.”

Just as we go like “whoa, seriously?” A KFC video game console? A drawer pops open to reveal an oven like interior, along with a line “equipped with a chicken chamber.” Maybe it is not a console.

Then. Then, it went on to declare it is has “cross-platform compatibility.” Followed by 4K and 120FPS. Now, we are confused and totally curious! We deduced that it is food. No, really. It can’t be an actual video game console, can it?

OK. Perhaps it could. Dang it. I am so curious now. Anyways, we will know for sure what KFC Gaming is cooking up on November 12, 2020 as that was the date it showed in the video. What do you think? Do you think it is really a console or just some elaborate marketing campaign for the brand?

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Images: Twitter (@kfcgaming).

Source: Hypebeast.

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