When summer comes, nature beckons you to embrace the wild but the sweltering heat can be quite bitch to deal with. Thankfully, there is an invention called a portable fan. Better yet, there is this thing called ChillZ Pro which will not only have your outdoor, on-the-go cooling needs covered, but it will also have your music enjoyment and nighttime illumination needs covered. That’s two fewer things to carry!

ChillZ Pro Portable Fan With Bluetooth Speaker

That’s right, folks. The ChillZ Pro is a portable fan that does mist too, and it is also a Bluetooth speaker and a camping lantern. On top of that, it packs a whopping 20,000 mAh battery which it can share with your small gadgets if the situation calls for it.

It has two USB-C ports as well as a USB-A port for the purpose of charging other devices. But, TBH, I would rather not. Looking at the heat waves, I would rather reserve the juice for the fan. The 20,000 mAh battery offers up to 120 hours of fan duty, 32 hours of Bluetooth music streaming, and up to 288 hours of illumination.

The device has a so-called double cooling system that can cool down by as much as 14F° with the option to spray a fine mist to further cool the temperature. It has a water reservoir that, when fully topped, can last as long as the battery.

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ChillZ Pro Portable Fan With Bluetooth Speaker

Buddie, the maker of the device, said a ducted turbine engineered from the ground up to deliver strong wind and that it spins at up to 2,500 RPM. If strong wind and mist aren’t enough to cool you, you can also add ice cubes into the water tank for even more cooling.

The fan offers 3 fan speed and did we mention it auto rotates too? Yup. It can swing side to side at a 150-degree angle. At under a kilogram or a little over 2 lbs, the ChillZ Pro is easy to carry around with its integrated handle.

The most important thing is that it is not expensive. Well, it is not when it is on Kickstarter where you can pre-order a unit for as low as 539 HKD or about US$69. The campaign is funded and so, all it is left is for the campaign to end and Buddie to fulfill its promise of October 2022 delivery. Oh, right. So it’s for next summer then. What a bummer.

ChillZ Pro Portable Fan With Bluetooth Speaker

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ChillZ Pro Portable Fan With Bluetooth Speaker

Images: Buddie.

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