Malaysia’s “Flying Car” Concept Looks Like It Had Cheap Fans Stuck On It

Malaysia is not particularly a pro when it comes to making cars. To put it bluntly, their National car isn’t the sharpest tools in the tool shed. But how bad it is? Well, lets just say that former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson had no good words for them and even caused a furore by […]

Goodyear Dreams Of The Boldest Flying Car Concept Yet With Aero Tires

To be perfectly, we are kind of disappointed with the progress of flying cars. It seems like flying cars that so many companies claimed to be making are nothing more than an aircraft. Our concept of flying stemmed from Matt Trakker’s Thunderhawk. OK. Maybe not the gullwing doors that make it fly, but something along […]

Future Autonomous Taxi Is A Car That Is Also A Drone, But Not A Flying Car

Now this something we considered thinking out-of-the-box. When we think autonomous public transport, we often think self-driving car, self-driving bus, and autonomous drone. But Airbus, together with design studio Italdesign and Audi have come together to dream up a concept that is definitely not inside the box. The concept, called Pop.Up Next, can travel on […]

This ‘Drone Car’ Might Just Be What Congested Cities Need

It aims to be a ‘car’ that can skip the annoying traffic jam, but Koncepto Millenya is basically a huge-ass drone that sits one and so, dancer/backyard inventor Kyxz Mendiola (who I pretty sure the first name isn’t his real name) decided to call his invention a ‘drone car’. Mendiola is the founding member of […]

Opener Unveiled BlackFly Flying Car, But It Really Is An Ultralight Aircraft

According to Wikipedia, a flying car is “a type of personal air vehicle or ‘roadable’ aircraft that provides door-to-door transportation by both ground and air.” So, what really is a flying car? My definition would be a car-like vehicle that flies. Whether or not it is roadable is non-consequential (think Fifth Element). But I guess […]

DeLorean ‘Flying Car’ Is Not The DeLorean You Have Come To Expect

DeLorean did not promised us flying cars, but Back to the Future II sure planted that idea into our head. Since then, companies and individuals have not stop trying to make car fly, which now apparently includes the DeLorean. Wait, what? A flying DeLorean? A very interesting prospect that piqued a BTTF fan like me. […]

World’s First Commercial Flying Car Is Ready, Can Be Yours For $599K

Gosh. We have been so out-of-touch with the flying car, Pal-V! The last we written about it, it was still going through testing, but today, the Dutch company has announced that it is selling its first commercial models, the Pal-V Liberty Pioneer and Liberty Sport. So, ladies and gentlemen, we give you the world’s first […]

Slovakia Flying Car, AeroMobil 2.5, Successfully Takes To The Sky

flying cars. how many times have we read about the development, but have we see any take on the road or take to the sky? nope. nothing, but there is a Slovakian invention known as AeroMobil that is inching closer to that reality; its AeroMobil 2.5, the third version since its conception in early 90s, […]

SkyRunner Flying Car

you have read a lot about flying cars, but until now none has come close to fruition and so the SkyRunner Flying Car you see here is your best bet for a road-running vehicle that can take to sky. technically, it qualifies as a flying car because it can actually takes to the sky, but it isn’t quite the flying car you might have dreamed of.