Two years ago, China electric car maker Xiaopeng showed off its concept of a flying car. It is determined to create a flying car that actually looks like one, not just another VTOL or one that requires an airfield to take off and land. For the uninitiated, this flying car is a venture between EV maker Xiaopeng and HT Aero.

Xpeng Electric Flying Car New Design Unveiled

The new design builds upon the integrated land and air configuration originally unveiled two years ago, showcasing substantial design refinements. Notably, the arms, rotors, and associated flight systems have been engineered for complete folding, allowing for seamless storage within the vehicle.

Overall, it has a more cohesive design than the original design. The entire automobile embraces a supercar design aesthetic, while the highly advanced smart cockpit facilitates effortless transitions between terrestrial driving and airborne operation. Elements such as the steering wheel, instrument panel, and more dynamically adapt to the selected mode. It has a joystick in flying mode, btw.

Xpeng Electric Flying Car New Design Unveiled

Unlike the original design which is rendered, Xiaopeng HT Aero now has an actual car to show off. Nice. Apparently, it can actually fly but we have to see it to believe. Anyhoo, another improvement is the integration of life-saving parachutes. We heard from a China automobile media that the new Xpeng Flying Car would be equipped with parachutes in case of a catastrophic failure of the motors. Again, we cannot confirm if it is true.

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We thought this needed to be shown because the new design is pretty dope. It looks like a geometric version of the Audi R8 with a boattail. Very cool.

Xpeng Electric Flying Car New Design Unveiled

Images: Xiaopeng HT Aero [CH].

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