So far, the so-called “flying cars” are mostly glorified, oversized drones and hardly can be called “flying cars”. I mean. When we mention flying cars, we expect something out of Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element (1997, Buena Vista International), or at least something like Matt Trakker’s Thunderhawk from the cartoon series, M.A.S.K.

Klein Vision Flying Car Makes First Inter-city Flight

But not all hopes are lost because, there is the Klein Vision AirCar. The Klein Vision AirCar joins the likes of Pal-V Liberty, AeroMobile, and SkyRunner as one of the handful of “true” flying cars, i.e. car that actually looks somewhat like a regular car, but flies too.

Not only does Klein Vision AirCar look closer to a regular car, it is inching to realizing mankind’s flying car dream.

Klein Vision Flying Car Makes First Inter-city Flight

The AirCar set a new milestone recently by making a 35-minute inter-city flight. It took off from the international airport at Nitra and landed at the Bratislava international airport on June 28, 2021. This marks a step closer to production.

While it is no The Fifth Element here, but AirCar here is very much closer to the cartoon’s Thunderhawk and the best part is, it is about become real. The only thing is, it still can’t just take off from any road.

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All images courtesy of Klein Vision.

via Autoblog.

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