Gosh. We have been so out-of-touch with the flying car, Pal-V! The last we written about it, it was still going through testing, but today, the Dutch company has announced that it is selling its first commercial models, the Pal-V Liberty Pioneer and Liberty Sport. So, ladies and gentlemen, we give you the world’s first commercially available flying cars. Granted, it does not look anything like today’s road-going cars, but it will do for now. At least, it got off the ground, didn’t it? For $599,000 and $399,000 for the Liberty Pioneer Edition and Liberty Sport, respectively, this breakthrough in personal transportation can be yours and let you kiss gridlock frustration goodbye for good. All you need is a 165 m runaway for taking off and just 30 meters for landing.

Pal-V Liberty Pioneer and Liberty Sport Flying Cars

Don’t expect to be bathing in the clear blue skies tomorrow though, cos’ delivery won’t happen until end of 2018. However, unless someone miraculously starts selling an approved working flying car in 2017 or 2018, Pal-V will likely remain the first flying cars to be realized. It is a good time to be alive, isn’t it? Ok, maybe good time only if driving is main part of your life. As far as shuttling on public transportation goes, you will have to look to other alternatives, like for example, Hyperloop, or if luck has it, the Ehang Autonomous Aerial Vehicle.

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Pal-V Liberty Pioneer and Liberty Sport Flying Cars

Anyways, a bit more about the two models. The Pal-V Liberty Pioneer Edition comes as a “fully optioned” vehicle, which means you can expect dual controls, EFIS, power heating, details in hand-laid carbon, and more, as standard. Buyers of Liberty Pioneer will also get to personalize the ride and also received a copy of certificated recognizing each individual as one of the 90 Pal-V Liberty owners. The Sport model, on the other hand, do not allow for personalization, but buyers of Sport model can choose to add features and equipment which already comes standard in the Liberty Pioneer.

Pal-V Liberty Pioneer and Liberty Sport Flying Cars

Whichever model you decide on, you will receive a familiarization course at delivery, introductory training sessions, assistance in follow up training, and invitation to Pal-V Club (Pioneer or Sports, depending on which model you bought). The only difference are, who coaches you, where you get to do your training and possibly, the level of love and attention you’d get, which, in my humble opinion, shouldn’t have any disparity to begin with as this flying contraption does count as a ‘dangerous’ equipment. Hence, nothing no details with regards to the operation should be skimmed.

Pal-V Liberty Pioneer and Liberty Sport Flying Cars

Images courtesy of Pal-V.

Pal-V via Motoroids.

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