HMD To Resurrect Classic Nokia 3310 Mobile Phone

Nokia once reined supreme in the mobile phone arena. Unfortunately time and technology had caught up with them, effectively putting an end to the era of cell phone. During its heyday and before the proliferation of smartphones, the Finnish tech company had turned out countless mobile phones, but it was the 3 series, particularly the 3310, that became sort of an icon. Offered by its then-trendy candy form was a durable phone that supports long text messaging (man, it was god sent, really!), along with useful tools like calculator, stopwatch, and even packing a bit of fun too with games such as the sequel to the hugely popular Snake.

Ahhh… that good’ol reliable communication device. All these talks kind of makes you want buy one, does it not? Well, if so, then you better cross your fingers and hope the on-going rumor that HMD, the Finnish company that’s now making Nokia phones valid again, is said to have the intention of bringing 3310 back to life. Apparently, it will be announced at this year MWC in Barcelona. Personally, I am a little skeptical and hence, we have reached out to HMD’s PR to check out what gives, but the official declined to comment on ‘rumors’.

Anywho, a post on Chinese tech blog, VTech, cited a reliable source ‘confirming’ that this so-called relaunch will happen and on another tech blog, it even has a price on it, saying it will cost 59 euros (roughly US$62). Though other details, not that they matter, are not available. I guess we will have wait till Mobile World Congress comes around to know the truth.

P.S. If I had a choice, I would vote for the revival of 8110 AKA the banana phone instead… what about you? What’s your all-time favorite Nokia phone? Let us know in the comment below.

via Quartz.