Former Staff Of Vertu Has Come Together To Create A New US$4,000 Cell Phone

So, we recently found out that some former Vertu employees have banded together to launch a new luxury phone. In case you have already heard, Vertu, the former luxury phone division of Nokia did not survived despite its attempt to get into the smartphone market.

Engineer Made A Phone-only Cellphone With An Awesome Old School Rotary Dial

In the world of touchscreen-based smartphones, there are handset makers who have given old mobile phones (or cellphone as it is refer over in the States) a modern spin. This cellphone, the Rotary Cellphone, is not that. It is more.

Nokia Outs Five New Phones, Including A Modern Take Of The Classic Flip Phone

There’s a lot to process here and so, we are going to be as quick as possible. HMD Global, the finish maker of the reborn Nokia phones, have introduced five new handsets at the IFA in Berlin. Among them is a couple of surprises, including a smart but not-quite-so-smart, modern take of the classic flip […]

Supreme New York Dabbles Deeper Into The Gadgets Territory With, Wait, What? A Feature Phone?

In the just revealed Supreme Fall/Winter 2019 collection, there is another intriguing product other than the Supreme x Honda CRF 250R Motorcycle. It was this: Supreme x BLU Burner Phone. That’s right, my friends. Supreme is dabbling deeper into the gadgets territory, albeit with a somewhat low-tech device, or more specifically, a feature phone. I […]

Phone Oddities: Cellphone With True Wireless Earbuds And Charging Case Integrated Into It

With the proliferation of super affordable smartphones, one may question if there is still a market for non-smart, feature phone? Probably not, unless it doubles as fidget spinner, shaves facial hair, or perhaps, one that has a pair of true wireless earbuds (and charging case) and a power bank integrated into it. The latter is […]

This Gadget Packs An Insane Number Of Features And It Is A Phone Too

Can 49 bucks get you a mobile phone in today’s context? Probably not, or so we thought. As it turns out for $49-79, you can not only bag yourself a mobile phone with cameras, but also a stylus pen, a laser pointer, a voice recorder, a radio, a media player, and even a fun voice […]

Xiaomi Makes Everything And Now, There’s Even A Feature Phone

From regular gadgets like smartphones, TVs, power banks to lifestyle stuff like sneakers, e-scooter to home appliances like cordless vacuum and hair straightener, Xiaomi have it all, but one thing this provision of the tech industry has yet to make is a feature phone. Well, that’s until now. The recently publicly listed tech giant from […]

This Is A Mobile Phone And It Is Also A Dual-head Shaver Too

On one side of planet, corporate are trying out do each other with high-tech smartphones and on the other side, someone is making wacky mobile phones. When we said ‘mobile phones’, we do mean feature phone. Meaning, non-smart phones. The unnamed brand device you see here is one such phone from “the other side” of […]

It Is Easy To See Why This Flip Phone For Senior Folks Bagged A Design Award

Designed with senior citizens in mind, the Doro 6050 from leader of telecom for senior, Doro, is a feature phone that carries with it quite some style. It is a clam shell mobile phone (AKA flip phone) that’s easy on the hand (thanks in part to the soft touch coating) and boasts several features that […]