You have heard of supercar and superbike, or maybe even superyacht. Now, meet their underwater equivalent, the Super Sub. Super Sub is the Dutch submersible manufacturer, U-Boat Worx’s latest and fastest private submarine yet.

U-Boat Worx Super Sub High-speed Submersible

The Super Sub may not have the supercar look like the U-Boat Worx HiPer but it is, in fact, the most hydrodynamic sub on the market yet – thanks to the unique droplet-shaped, long-tail form with advanced wing design and the best-in-class propulsion system, comprising of four powerful thrusters that deliver a total of 60 kW.

The 60 kW system affords the sub to make steep 30-degree climbs and dives and propels through the water at up to 8 knots (15 km/h or 9.2 mph). To put the speed in perspective, a bottleneck dolphin’s typical cruising speed is between 3-7 miles an hour or about 3-6 knots.

This also means that the Super Sub is indeed a Super Sub because, at 8 knots, it is roughly 5 knots faster than your average commercial submersible.

U-Boat Worx Super Sub High-speed Submersible

With the Super Sub, a pilot and 2 passengers, can dive down to a depth of 300 meters (984 feet) and take in the underwater world scenery in a 360-degree panoramic view thanks to the brand’s signature ultra-clear acrylic hull. A five-point belt buckles system ensures guests are securely strapped in for the unique excursion.

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Before you, the (very rich) submersible enthusiasts, get ga-ga over this super personal submarine, you have to know that the U-Boat Worx Super Sub is a custom submarine program conceived in collaboration with a client. In fact, the first Super Sub has been sold and will be delivered in 2023.

However, the Dutch submarine maker has planned to induct the Super Sub into the core part of the company’s general range of submersibles. This means the Super Sub will eventually become a fully developed range of models. Meanwhile, you may learn more HERE.

U-Boat Worx Super Sub High-speed Submersible

All images courtesy of U-Boat Worx.

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