there are a lot folks with pots of gold out there who are in constant paranoia about their personal safety whilst traveling in a vehicle and this give raise to the demand for aftermarket armored vehicles. rather than sending your precious ride to be stripped and transformed into an armored cocoon, BMW has one that rolls ride out of the factory clad in armor, well.. almost cos’ it is still rightfully a concept, even though X5 and BMW security models aren’t concepts, but the security package with a ‘Plus’ is. the Armored BMW Concept X5 Security Plus is an off-road capable, safe rolling haven that is built to VR6 protection level that could repel attacks even by those brute steel lugs spitting AK-47s.

enhanced protection comes in the form of sealed joints, high-performance steel moldings and panels, and polycarbonate-coated security glass. despite the extra pounds it has gained from the beefed up bodyworks, the Concept X5 Security Plus promised excellent drivability from its 450 ponies (330 kW) V8 Twin Turbocharged petrol unit and BMW xDrive all-wheel-drive system, which means you will have the luxury of taking the beaten tracks if things get a little too hot. the benefits of a ‘factory armored vehicle’ are obvious: it will have an integrated system that takes into account all active and passive safety criteria, thereby offering the maximum protection possible, plus chassis, electronic management systems, as well as brake system are all adapted to the new found weight. BMW claims that the performance of such vehicle is therefore on par with a regular unprotected X5, so getting away under fire will not be a dream.

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though, there are couple of things to note: first, stunt driver skills essential for flawless automobile escape are not included, and the Armored BMW Concept X5 Security Plus offers protection and not retaliation, which means Q treatment is not in order i.e. no built-in oil slick dispenser, no integrated machine guns, and whatnot. no word on when this extra level of protection will be rolling into the shops, neither is the price made known, and to add the mystery, there are only two official images to go round. well, not that we could tell any diff by the pictures.

Armored BMW Concept X5 Security Plus

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