whatever models that Tivoli turns out, they have one thing in common and that’s simplicity, and it has the timeless aesthetic to pronounce that it is so. the Tivoli Audio Albergo+ Clock Radio you see here is no exception. you may think have seen this model until you noticed the plus (‘+’) in its model name, which is an indication that this is one that’s equipped with DAB and DAB+, in addition to your regular AM and FM radio. like many recent Tivoli audio products, the Albergo+ Clock Radio also features Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio streaming from Bluetooth-enabled media devices such as your smartphone and tablet.

audio reproduction is handle by the same 3″ full-range, long-throw driver as found in the Model One radio. however, if that’s not an earful for you, do look forward to add an additional stereo speaker to the Albergo+ for even awesome sound – available as an option later this year. but, music playback is just part of the equation; at its heart, it is a digital clock complete with sleep timer, snooze button, and independent dual alarms, that’s designed to accompany to your dreamland and be there to wake you up. the Tivoli Audio Albergo+ Clock Radio comes in white and anthracite colorways, and retails for £199. available in the UK through high street UK stores, including Harrods, as well as John Lewis.

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