Tivoli Adds Light To PAL BT Portable Radio, Turns It Into One That Lights Up

Tivoli decided to mix light and sound together, turning its portable radio, the PALBT into one that lights up. Tivoli calls it the PALBT Glo. The PALBT Glo is identical to the PALBT in form, but it has a clear frosted enclosure with LED within to enable it to light up. And as you might …

Tivoli Audio Albergo+ Clock Radio

whatever models that Tivoli turns out, they have one thing in common and that’s simplicity, and it has the timeless aesthetic to pronounce that it is so. the Tivoli Audio Albergo+ Clock Radio you see here is no exception. you may think have seen this model until you noticed the plus (‘+’) in its model name, which is an indication that this is one that’s equipped with

Tivoli Audio Music System+

one look at the name, you may think this is the old all-in-one music system from the Boston-based audio equipment maker, but the Tivoli Audio Music System+ is actually an update as noted with a subtle ‘+’ in its product name. basically, it is the Tivoli Audio Music System that you know from donkey years ago, rejuvenated with modern features such as Bluetooth

Ruark Audio R7 High Fidelity Radiogram

you need furniture and you also need music for entertainment, so why not put the two together for a seamlessly blended look? and this is what the Ruark Audio R7 High Fidelity Radiogram has to offer. slated to be available later this year, this 2,000 quids flagship from Ruark Audio features an alluring 60s contemporary look made up of walnut veneer

Geneva Sound System Model XXL with Airplay

a good design hardly needs any update aesthetically (except for cars). in fact, all its maker need is to update it with the latest in technology and that good design can still pretty much last for ages. case in point: the Geneva Sound System Model XXL with Airplay. look-wise, it still bears the same awesome look…

Geneva WorldRadio

remember the folks who introduced you to the high fidelity possibility with your dingy iPods (we are talking about those click wheel stuff)? yea, it has been a while since we last heard from them and they are back but this time round, it is iPod dock no more. meet the new Geneva WorldRadio, the Swiss firm’s modern take on the classic world receiver. adhering to the classic…

Roth DBT-001 & DBT-003 Bluetooth Digital Radios

Apple has indeed put the sound dock segment into a dizzy spin with their new Lightning connector and instead of following suit, it became a wake up call for makers all around the world to go for a connectivity that is, as UK-based digital radio maker Roth puts it, “less picky”. indeed it is. and that connectivity is…

Philips Original Radio

regardless of how huge is your digital music collection or how superb is the iTunes DJ in creating the ‘right’ mix of music, there is nothing like tuning into the good’ol radio stations – especially if you have a radio as inviting as the Philips Original Radio. judging from the visuals, it is definitely a radio that beckons to be touched and used. drawing its inspiration from…

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