if you are going to stick to the good old radio stations for your music fix, you might as well do it in absolute style and we believe the new Sony XDR-S40DBP Digital Radio would fit that style bill perfectly. with a toy-like charm, the Sony XDR-S40DBP Digital Radio features large legible, uncluttered buttons for ease of use, and offers up to 10 DAB/DAB+ and 10 FM station presets (sorry folks, shortwave is out), packed into a compact, lightweight easy-to-carry form factor. a LCD display keeps in the know with the name of the current digital station, plus giving you scrolling info such as the song title, or information about the current program. juiced by AC outlet, or if you prefer an untethered experience, it can be powered by standard AA alkaline batteries so that you can take it anywhere you wished. when it ran out of juice, just pop out the used batteries and pop in some fresh ones and you are good to go again. a little low-tech as some may argue, but nothing beats the convenience of disposal batteries. period. also included is an audio headphone jack for private listening and a sleep timer lets you drift into the dreamland accompanied by your favorite digital radio station. the Sony XDR-S40DBP Digital Radio is set to hit the stores this month for £49.99 a pop. available in three color options: black, white and the apple of our eyes: red.

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