there was a time when flying V was the in thing for rocking axe shredders. then as rock music progresses so did the design of the axe which takes on the most inconceivable form (such as a Nintendo NES console electric guitar), but seriously, the design oddity has not been fully explored even then. the Skate Guitar you see here by Buenos Aires artist Ezequiel Galasso and his company, aptly named Skate Guitar, just managed to make our list of guitars that are made out of (very) odd materials and in this case, the ‘odd’ materials happens to be thrashed up skateboards. yes. we have witnessed accessories made out of used skate decks, but guitars? this got to be the first and from the look of it, it is looking rocking awesome. unfortunately, we cannot attest to its sound, nor can we offer any more information about this striking axe other than to keep repeating the fact: they look freaking awesome and we really mean it. that said, it is also unfortunate that we are not sure where you can lay your hands on one, let alone how much it would set you back. for more information or whatever there are, you can check out Skate Guitar Facebook page. scroll down for a video to see the Skate Guitar in action.

PS: it turns out that the Skate Guitar isn’t the first. there’s another dude (skateboard guitar) crafting the same thing, but mainly out of new decks, or so we read.

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Facebook via StupidDope via Longboardism

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