How serious are you about vinyl sound? If you are ultra-serious (and super-rich), you’d probably be cool with dropping, say, US$20,000, for a super high-end record player and if so, I am guessing 9,000 bucks phono cartridge would sound like a fair price. OK. Maybe not. And no, the price isn’t a typo. The Audio-Technica AT-MC2022 Phono Cartridge does indeed sell for a royal US$9,000.

Audio-Technica AT-MC2022 Phono Cartridge

The Audio-Technica AT-MC2022 Phono Cartridge is a dual-moving coil stereo cartridge released last September as part of the brand’s 60th-anniversary line of celebratory products and a result of 60 years of phono cartridge research and development.

The highlight of the cartridge is the unified stylus-cantilever, formed from a single, lab-grown diamond. It promised to produce “a sharp, vibrant soundscape that lets you hear – and feel – every detail of your music.” Not sure if that justifies the exorbitant pricing but the craftsmanship and materials used are kind of exotic too.

Audio-Technica AT-MC2022 Phono Cartridge

In addition to the manmade diamond, the cartridge body is made from a precision-machined aluminum base and titanium housing with an elastomer under cover. It also touts gold-plated terminal pins that are about 30 times thicker than conventional pins and a hand-crafted ion-plating that lends it the stunning gold mirror finish.

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The aesthetic further incorporates design accents inspired by traditional shippo (Japanese cloisonné) enameling. For 9 grand, it also comes with a walnut presentation case with an engraved 60th-anniversary logo and individual serial number. And no, it did not fly off the shelves like the Sound Burger for obvious reasons.

Audio-Technica AT-MC2022 Phono Cartridge

Oh, in case you thought the post title is clickbait. It is definitely not. The Rolex Air-King 40 mm is US$7,450 brand new.

Audio-Technica AT-MC2022 Phono Cartridge

Images: Audio-Technica.

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