Microsoft Dual-Screen Tablet and Phone

Until the day Iron Man-style holographic projection becomes a reality, getting more screens is having more screens. And more screens is exactly what the Microsoft Surface Neo and Duo are about.

That’s right. Microsoft has unveiled a few surprise gadgets recently and the dual-screen devices are one of them. It really is a surprise, even though dual-screen devices aren’t new at all.

The idea behind dual-screen devices is simple: a device that is easy to carry and yet, lets you do more. Like I have said, so many had tried and failed, but somehow, Microsoft may have hit the nail on the head with the Microsoft Surface Neo and Duo dual-screen tablet and phone.

Microsoft Surface Neo

Microsoft Surface Neo Dual-Screen Tablet

The Neo is essentially a tablet with two 9-inch screens running on Windows 10X, connected by 360-degree full-friction hinge. It opens up to a glorious 13-inch display that also happens to boast the thinnest LCD (yes, it is still LCD) in its class.

It is capable of running full apps and further features a removable keyboard and plays well with Surface Pen as well as Bluetooth mouse for a complete tablet/PC functionality.

Words are not enough to describe what Microsoft Surface Neo has to offer and so, here’s a video that does the job:

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Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft Surface Duo Dual-Screen Phone

The Duo is an even more pocket-friendlier version of the Neo. In short, it is a phone that touts “the best of Microsoft productivity experiences, Android apps and Surface hardware design.” Yes. It makes calls too.

It features two “paper-thin” 5.6-inch screens that opens up to a tablet-size 8.3-inch device. What’s intriguing about the Duo is, it kind of marries both Windows 10X, an expression of Windows 10 designed for a new category of dual-screen PCs, with Android which it is built on.

Here’s what the Microsoft Surface Duo is about in video:

All images courtesy of Microsoft.