What better way to commemorate Audio-Technica’s 60th anniversary than to bring back one of its original debuts like the portable turntable, Sound Burger? The Japanese audio equipment announced the release of the limited-edition Sound Burger portable turntable this past November which was first released 40 years ago. The response was overwhelming and the Audio-Technica AT-SB2022 retro red portable turntable was sold out in a matter of days.

Audio-Technica AT-SB2022 Portable Turntable

But this isn’t a tragic story for those who did not manage to secure a unit because Audio-Technica has announced that the Audio-Technica AT-SB2022 Portable Turntable will return in the Spring of 2023. But there’s a little bit of trade-off: the soon-to-be widely available Sound Burger will not feature the 60th anniversary numbered badge, color, and packaging of the limited-edition version.

Well, for all you know that the little red machine sold out because it had those things, just saying… and this return may not be good news to everyone who has missed out. It could be all or nothing for some.

Audio-Technica AT-SB2022 Portable Turntable

Thankfully, there are other options like the Roblok and the DUO. Granted the two lack the retro styling but they’d be perfect for those who are down for a contemporary take on a portable turntable.

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Also, Audio-Technica is a trusted name in vinyl sound and so, if quality audio is what you are after, the regular Sound Burger is possibly your only option. That said, the Sound Burger promised high-quality sound reproduction with a belt-drive system, driven by a high-precision DC motor, that plays 33-1/3 and 45 RPM records.

Audio-Technica AT-SB2022 Portable Turntable

It features a tonearm with a dynamic balance system in which stylus pressure is applied via a spring. The modern take of AT’s portable turntable further boasts Bluetooth connectivity, a USB-C charging cable, a die-cast aluminum alloy platter with a damping design, a replaceable ATN3600L stylus, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery good for 12 hours of playback on a single charge.

The device supports both wired and wireless listening. I am surprised AT did not call it a VinylMan when it came out 4 decades ago. OK. Maybe for legal reasons, it cannot name a portable music enjoyment device with a “man” in it. Anyhoo, it’d be fun if was called a VinylMan or RecordMan.

Audio-Technica AT-SB2022 Portable Turntable

While waiting for this regular version of the Audio-Technica AT-SB2022 Portable Turntable, you may learn more about it HERE.

Audio-Technica AT-SB2022 Portable Turntable

Images: Audio-Technica.

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