The fact that vinyls are still selling like hot cakes has vindicated the sound quality of this 19th century technology. Speaking of sound quality, nobody actually quite prove that music records don’t sound any better. While music lovers have no issue with the sound, portability poses quite a huge problem. I mean, you can really lug a turntable around to spin your favorite plastic disc. Though to be fair, there are in fact portable turntables, but only they are mostly designed for smaller 7-inch vinyls. This is where RokBlok from Pink Donut aims to address.

RokBlok Portable Wireless Record Player by Pink Donut

Instead of coming up with a shoulder bag size ‘portable’, which would involved a spinning platter and a travelling tone-arm with cartridge, RokBok travels on a full-size vinyl place flat on a surface. There’s no spinning platter, tone-arm or whatsoever; it is just RokBok going round the black plastic disc and spitting out the music in the process. However, as it turns out, the idea pitched by RokBok isn’t all that new. In fact, a toy VW bus called Soundwagon, made by Japanese company Tamco in the 70s, was the first. Though Soundwagon has its issues. It suffers from a doppler effect due the rapidly changing position of the speaker, which is the VW bus itself.

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RokBlok Portable Wireless Record Player by Pink Donut

RokBok would have been plagued by the same problem, but ingenuity negates it entirely by piping the audio wireless via Bluetooth to a Bluetooth speakers. The result is a turntable-free records player that produces consistent sound without any trace of caterwauling. Of course, RokBlok is not going to be a turntable replacement; it merely serves as a gadget that bless you with the ability to spin your favorite vinyls wherever you maybe. All you need is a pair of Bluetooth speakers and a flat surface, and your vinyl party is pretty much good to go.

If you all up for it, you can back Pink Donut’s endeavor on Kickstarter for between $69 and $79, and keep your fingers crossed that it make the set funding goal. If all goes at planned, then you have to exercise some patience as RokBlok Portable Wireless Record Player won’t be shipping till September 2017. Learn more about RokBlok in the pitch video below.

Image/animated GIF: RokBlok/Pink Donut.

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