Vinyl Record upcycled iPad Case

Vinyl Record upcycled iPad Case
(photos: Vindicated Vinyl) Vinyl Record upcycled iPad Case | US$90.00 |

vinyl records are almost obsolete today, though there are still staunch fans who swear by them. if you happen to be in the aforementioned category, then you would probably dig the Vinyl Record upcycled iPad Case. handcrafted from an actual story record album, this lovely case (or you could call it a sleeve) features the image of our childhood fantasy (we blame it on Lynda Carter), Wonder Woman and the Justice League of America that dates back to the 1970s. completing the case is the real patent leather in an electric blue hue, double lined with yellow fleece that offers ample protection for your iPad and a snap closure, also in blue leather with nickel hardware, keeps your iPad from falling out. other features include nickel hardware, UV resistant clear acrylic resin coated cover, and a handy tab to hold your stylus, if you have any. as with most hand made vintage upcycled products, expect some blemishes or scuffs here and there, which only adds to the case’s uniqueness. the Vinyl Record upcycled iPad Case is created by Etsy seller, Vindicated Vinyl and is available for $90 a pop. check out a few more closer look after the break.

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