JuiceTank Case for iPhone 4/4S

JuiceTank Case
(photos: Detached) JuiceTank Case | US$55.00 | www.getdetached.com

our iPhones are power hungry, which prompt us to amass a slew of portable battery-based chargers and case with built-in battery. regardless of which one we choose, we still need to lug along our charger to keep those backup batteries or case charged at some point but that wouldn’t be necessary if we have the JuiceTank Case. JuiceTank Case is the first iPhone case with an integrated wall charger that not only offers protection to your iPhone with its high-grade polycarbonate case but also allows you to charge your iPhone whenever and wherever you want – thanks to the wall charger that folds flat when not in use. a button at the back of the case activates the prongs and your iPhone is all set to charge wherever there is a wall outlet. in a way, we think JuiceTank is revolutionary and perhaps, one of the most exciting accessory for iPhone we have seen in recent time. the JuiceTank Case for iPhone 4/4S can be yours for a special Kickstarter price tag of $55 a pop.

Kickstarter via Red Ferret

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