Belkin LiveAction Camera Remote

Belkin LiveAction Camera Remote
(photos: Photojojo) Belkin LiveAction Camera Remote | US$40.00 |

sometimes we have weird thoughts. thoughts like wishing that we have super stretchable arms like Mister Fantastic so that we can take some decent looking self-portrait without looking dumb. yes, we all have a little bit of narcissism in us and the tool that will satisfy this fetish is the iPhone shutter remote from Belkin, known simply as LiveAction Camera Remote. it is a pocket-sized Bluetooth-enabled remote shutter control that lets you take photo and video, well, remotely from up to 30 feet away. it features a convenient two button control for switching between photo and video capturing remotely and a detachable camera stand for propping up your iDevice – if tripod is not in the order. perfect for taking group shots or simply for a shake-free photography. basically it will be something that will not make us look stupid. the Belkin LiveAction Camera Remote is available via Photojojo for $40 a pop.

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