ZIK Parrot Headphones by STARCK

Zik Parrot By Starck
(photos: PARROT) ZIK Parrot Headphones | US$tba | www.parrot.com

to be fair, when we feature headphones on this blog, we are not quite sure how it sounds or how are their built but one thing we can be sure of is, they would be one heck of a beautiful cans aka designs to die for. really. just take a look at this pair of cans from Parrot, known as ZIK Parrot by Starck. sporting the signature elegant design that’s unmistakably Philippe Starck, this pair of headphones features active noise canceling system, Bluetooth A2DP stereo and NFC technology, a gesture-enabled touch panel for basic controls of your music, a presence-sensor system that automatically puts it to standby mode when it is not being worn, and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology that is said to offer you the “Parrot Concert Hall” effect. which simply means, you will experience your own personal concert right in front of you. the ZIK Parrot Headphones will be available this year with a yet to be determined price tag.

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