Grove Wool Felt Sleeve for iPad

Grove Wool Felt Sleeve for iPad
(photos: Grove) Grove Wool Felt Sleeve for iPad | US$79.00 |

if you happen to own all three generations of iPad and needed a case that can fit any one of them at any one time, then this Wool Felt Sleeve from Grove would be the choice sleeve. hand crafted from premium German wool felt and luscious hand-oiled bamboo veneer, this gorgeous sleeve aims to protect your iPad, regardless of which generation they are, with complete style. the wool felt gives the sleeve a soft feel while the bamboo veneer provides the sleeve with a sturdy hold, ensuring that your iPad will not flop around while nested within and a magnetic snap closure keeps your precious shiny gadget from falling out. oh, did we mention that it can even accommodate your iPad 2 or the new iPad with its Smart Cover on? sweet. available in two color options: charcoal and sandstone, the Grove Wool Felt Sleeve for iPad is going for a special price of $79 for the month of March. more look available after the break.

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