Grove’s Timepiece Brings Nature And Luxury Together With Wood And Gold

Looking for an uber-stylist watch that’s in touch with nature and somewhat luxury at the same time? Well, then you may be interested in the Special Edition Gold Watch (Round) from Portland, Oregon-based gadget accessories maker Grove. Yes. It is the same folks who are into all thing bamboo and wood. As you can expect …

Here’s a Beautiful Wood and Leather Alternative to Apple’s Leather Case for iPhone 6

we have no doubt that Apple also have the same magical touch when it comes accessories, such as the recently announced leather case for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. however, if you are in the market for a beautiful and elegant alternative, and one that offers all-round protection, then we think Grovemade’s …

Limited Edition Brass + Walnut Dock

there is something peculiarly attractive about mixing natural wood with metal. products with such a mix never fails to grab our attention and that’s probably why the Limited Edition Brass + Walnut Dock by Grove gets our fair share of ogling. based on the firm’s original Dock for iPhone, which by itself is already a pretty piece, the Limited Edition Brass + Walnut Dock takes the style factor up several notches by giving it a walnut and brass makeover.

Grove Custom Wood Print Case for iPhone 5s

there are plenty of iPhone case going around, which means when the iPhone 5s hits the stores, you will not be lacking of case for iPhone 5s right from the start cos’ the 5s is essentially the iPhone 5, only more powerful. the types of case offered is nothing short of mind-boggling; it ranges from plastic to metal to wood materials with some packing ancillary functionality