there are plenty of iPhone case going around, which means when the iPhone 5s hits the stores, you will not be lacking of case for iPhone 5s right from the start cos’ the 5s is essentially the iPhone 5, only more powerful. the types of case offered is nothing short of mind-boggling; it ranges from plastic to metal to wood materials with some packing ancillary functionality such as wallet, multi-tools, juice pack and even bottle opener, however, if style is what you are after, then the choice are somewhat not so varied. well, that is not to say that those cases aren’t desirable, it’s just that the Grove Custom Wood Print Case for iPhone 5s stands out as a meticulously crafted maple wood and it is one that’s totally customizable with the Instagram photo of your choosing. the workmanship for any Grove products is undisputed and you can expect the same of the Grove Custom Wood Print Case for iPhone 5s and the image that’s going to go onto it.

your favorite Instagram image is printed directly to the wooden case with durable UV inks. what makes the printed image even more alluring is, no white ink is used – in its place will be the natural warm tones of the wood, thereby blessing the print with that extra warmth and depth that can’t be replicated on traditional prints on paper or plastic. this method of print encourage the natural grain of the wood to be showed through, giving the image and the case a somewhat rustic feel. along with the awesome craftsmanship and your favorite image, the case also comes standard with features like access to all ports with no hindrance to Apple headphones and charger, actuated wood button, and a proven slide-on design for easy installation and removal. the Grove Custom Wood Print Case for iPhone 5s is available now for $99 a pop and in choice of black or white bezel. hit past the jump for a product image gallery if you need further convincing on how awesome looking the case is.

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