if you need a little retro vibe in your modern gadget-infused life, then here’s one to kick off your whole retro endeavor: the SEIKI 22″ Retro Design HDTV. clad in a choice of retro-inspired colors including retro red, mid-century yellow, electric blue, doo-wop purple, as well as cadillac pink, the SEIKI 22″ Retro Design HDTV features mandatory throwback details such as power and volume dials, channel buttons and of course, a roundish box-like TV enclosure that’s worthy of the name the tube. though, of course, it doesn’t have a tube to speak of (it’s an LED TV, folks. remember?) – it just looks like one. beyond its nostalgic flair, it is anything but vintage: it has a 21.5″ Full HD LED panel with 60Hz refresh rate, HDMI and component/composite inputs, VGA ports, and thanks to the abundance of internal space, it has a built-in subwoofer for an expanded sound.

additionally, like any modern day TV, it does come with a remote control and we are grateful for that cos’ we are not actually going to get our bums off the couch and twist those knobs (well, maybe except for the first few occasions). needless to say, SEIKI isn’t expecting this thing to be sitting in your massive living room – it was designed as a secondary TV with playrooms, college dorms, or kitchens in mind. the SEIKI 22″ Retro Design HDTV will be first available in Retro Red (pictured) via Amazon, Fred Meyer stores, and other retailers with a $329 sticker. though it is not clear when exactly it will be available, or when the rest of the colors will be hitting the stores.

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