end of life of skateboards, a new life as iPhone cases

Grove x MapleXO Skateboard iPhone 4 case 544x248px
Grove + MapleXO Skateboard iPhone 4 Cases | US$auction | www.grovemade.com

if you are still in search for a one-of-the-kind iPhone 4 case, you are in luck, well mostly. Grove, in collaboration with Lindsay from MapleXO, created these very limited edition iPhone 4 cases made out of old skateboard decks. 300 hundred skateboards ended their life in the fast lane and were cut up, sanded-down into strips, and made into these beautiful, one of the kind cases you see here. it took Lindsay a year to complete all 50 cases and they are now up on eBay for auctions and part of the proceed from the sale will goes to the Oregon Humane Society. want one? you better hurry, as there are only five of these beautiful examples on eBay and you have about three days to do the deed. one more thing before you head down to eBay… last checked, the cheapest of the cases under bidding is still more than 200 bucks and one of them has even broke the $500 mark. phew. i thought i could get myself one but, you know, my wallet is complaining about the lack of content in it, in particular, money. sigh. anyway, good luck to those who are making their bid for it!

Grove via Gizmodo

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