when iPhone 4 was a rage, Grove collaborated with MapleXO to create some really limited iPhone cases repurposed from discarded skateboard decks. many of us missed that (they were put under the hammer and only the reserve few managed to secure them). fast forward to today, many iPhone 4 (or 4S) users have since upgraded to iPhone 5 and the good news is, Grove has yet again partner with MapleXO to create skateboard deck-made cases for iPhone 5, dubbed the SkateCase. these slider-style SkateCases are milled, hand-sanded and finished with citrus oil for that extra shine, and feature colorful recycled skateboard material from MapleXO. since it is upcycled from old decks, you can be assured that no two cases will look the same. so how’s that for individualism?

unlike the Skate Back for iPhone 4/4S (also by Grove and MapleXO), the Grove iPhone 5 SkateCase offers all round protection through the use of the said recycled skateboard decks and solid surface material in choice of black or white. the case is compatible with Apple headphones, as well as the Lightning charger, and with it on, you will still have unobstructed access to the mute and volume buttons. plus it features a nifty actuated wood button for the power on/off. seriously, you can’t get any better than this and the promise of color variations that gives it that extra individual character, makes it all the more attractive. available now from Grove web store for $149 a piece. as always, beautiful products deserve to have a few more look and in this case, you can find a handful in the gallery below.

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