when your gadgets ran out juice in the city, it wouldn’t be half as bad as if it happens when you are out in the wilderness. agree? needless to say, a juice pack or two would be helpful when you plan to head out to remote areas and since you will be out in the great outdoor where the elements are the biggest threat to your juice pack, it is suffice to say that not just any juice pack would do – it has to be ruggedized if you don’t want to find yourself caught with a dead portable battery when you needed it most. in this case, the ruggedized New Trent Powerpak Xtreme Portable Battery will be the perfect accessory for your USB-power mobile devices when you head out to any outlet-less locations.

capable of packing in 12,000 mAh worth of electrical charges, the New Trent Powerpak Xtreme Portable Battery can charge up two mobile devices simultaneously – thanks to its integrated dual USB ports (one 2.1A for tablets and a 1A suitable for smartphones). with a rugged construction of thick, thermoplastic case, it can withstand drops from up to one meter and it is totally sealed to keep out dirt and water. according to its maker, the Powerpak Xtreme Portable Battery could stay submerged in 3 feet of water for up to an hour. though it is worthy to note that there are no certifications or ratings to go with. the New Trent Powerpak Xtreme Portable Battery is available now for $59.95.

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