while man icons such as camouflage does not readily connects with headphones, it doesn’t make the Scosche RH656M Digital Camo On-Ear Headphones any less man-desirable. basically what happens here is, Scosche decided to take their popular RH656N reference grade audio cans and give it a splash of digital camouflage and as the name suggests, it is not just any camouflage, but it is the concealment pattern based on today’s much adopted digital pattern (that’s supposedly more effective than traditional camo design). beyond the digital camo, you will find the usual that comes with the RH656M headphones such as 40mm drivers in acoustically tuned and vented enclosures, machined aluminum chassis that is lightweight and robust, angled 3.5mm connector for optimal strain relief and low contact resistance, ear-conforming viscoelastic memory foam for improved comfort and prolong usage, and tapLINE III remote with integrated mic for music controls, as well as activating voice control (it’s SIRI compatible) and handsfree calling. you can get your Scosche RH656M Digital Camo On-Ear Headphones now for $129.99.

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